In Remembrance of Derek Corner

The PMP Research Foundation mourns the loss of our friend and supporter, Derek Corner.  Derek was an avid supporter of the PMP Research Foundation, most notably through his annual fundraising event "DC Rocks PMP!"

Our thoughts and sympathy are with Derek’s family and friends. 

Derek's determination and enthusiasm were inspiring, and he will always be remembered by his friends at the PMP Research Foundation.

Report from 7th International Workshop on Peritoneal Malignancy and Video of Patient Representative Amani Albedah's Speech

From Gerald Lewandowski, PMPRF Board Member and Research Committee Co-Chair:

The 7th International Workshop on Peritoneal Surface Maligancy was held in Uppsala, Sweden in September 2010.  The conference was truly international - attended by top physicians, nurses, researchers and other specialists from around the world who treat and research pseudomyxoma peritonei and other peritoneal surface malignancies.  


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