Professional Advisory Board

The Professional Advisory Board of the ACPMP Research Foundation is composed of experts in the research and treatment of pseudomyxoma peritonei, appendix cancer and related peritoneal surface malignancies.

The Professional Advisory Board supports ACPMP by:

  1. providing professional expertise, current medical information and guidance concerning the diagnosis and treatment of PMP, appendix cancer and PSMs;
  2. advising ACPMP about research developments, opportunities and priorities related to PMP, appendix cancer and PSMs;
  3. serving as advocates for ACPMP to the community it serves by actively supporting and publicizing the ACPMP’s activities, projects and events; and
  4. informing other health care professionals (including former and possible future PAB members) about the activities of ACPMP.

The Professional Advisory Board of ACPMP current members:

Steven Ahrendt, MD, FACS
University of Colorado Hospital, Aurora, CO
Surgical Oncology

Laura Lambert, MD, FACS
Huntsman Cancer Hospital, Salt Lake City, UT
Surgical Oncology

Andrew Lowy, MD, FACS
University of California, San Diego Moores Cancer Center, San Diego, CA
Surgical Oncology

Armando Sardi, MD, FACS
Mercy Medical Center, Baltimore, MD
Surgical Oncology

Konstantinos Votanopoulos, MD, PhD, FACS
Wake Forest University, Winston-Salem, NC
Surgical Oncology