Deborah SheltonThe ACPMP Research Foundation is pleased to announce the election of Deborah Shelton to the ACPMP Board of Directors. Deborah began volunteering for the Foundation in late 2018 as ACPMP’s Medical Liaison following her spouse’s diagnosis. Since joining ACPMP, Deborah has become an active and engaged advocate on behalf of appendix cancer and PMP patients. In particular, Deborah has created a new resource for patients seeking clinical trials after reviewing thousands of active clinical trials and interviewing trial investigators, resulting in a customized list of trials tailored to AC/PMP patients.

Deborah’s spouse is a survivor of PMP. For several years prior to her spouse being diagnosed, Deborah had been actively engaged in patient advocacy and issues involving the need to incentivize innovation for the development of therapies to treat cancers and other diseases where there is critical unmet medical need. Her spouse’s subsequent diagnosis with AC/PMP and their collective personal experience with the numerous challenges presented following that diagnosis has further fueled Deborah’s zeal for that work, taking the fight now to both a professional and personal level.

Deborah is an FDA regulatory attorney at a national law firm and has over 20 years of experience providing legal counsel to ACPMP Staff, Susan Ortega, Lauren Smith, Karolyn Lewandowski and Deborah Shelton
clients navigating the complex regulations governing the testing and commercialization of FDA-regulated products, with a particular focus on pharmaceuticals and medical devices. She is an honors graduate of the University of Maryland School of Law, a frequent presenter at FDA-related conferences and has authored numerous publications on various topics of interest in the regulatory sphere.

ACPMP is thrilled to welcome Deborah to the ACPMP board, and grateful that our patients will continue to benefit from her deep professional knowledge and expertise along with her passion for patient advocacy.