Tissue Donation

ACPMP has partnered with Pattern.org to enable patients to donate their tumor tissue or fluid to help advance cancer research. 

NOTE: The Broad Institute team has notified us that they currently have enough appendix cancer samples for this project, so for now, they they are no longer collecting appendix cancer samples.  Thanks to our patient community for their incredible response to the request for samples for this important research project!

Understanding the biology of cancer is crucial to finding new therapies and cures, but before we can get there, patients and researchers need to join forces.

Pattern.org empowers patients to direct their excess cancer tissue samples to high impact research projects. If you choose to donate, your tissue will be sent to the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard, where it will be used to develop living research models to study appendix cancer and pseudomyxoma peritonei.

Pattern.org provides a streamlined and confidential way for patients to have a greater impact on potentially life-saving research.

1.       Go to Pattern.org to learn about how tumor tissue/fluid can advance cancer research.

2.       Register and provide consent.

3.       Pattern.org will work with your doctor and institution to collect excess tissue or fluid not needed for your care.

Your tissue will allow researchers to:

  • Better understand the genetic basis of rare cancers, including appendix cancer.
  • Uncover the vulnerabilities of rare cancers such as appendix cancer.
  • Work to identify new potential therapies for appendix cancer.

If you have a surgical procedure scheduled to remove a tumor or are receiving ascites (abdominal) fluid drains at a medical facility, you are eligible to contribute to research via Pattern.org.

Visit Pattern.org to learn more or to register.

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