5th Annual TEAM KEITH Pub Crawl

Keith Surges lost his battle with appendix cancer / peritoneal carcinomatosis (pseudomyxoma peritonei) just 49 months after diagnosis.  We miss him more with each day that passes but believe that his spirit lives within us.  In his memory, we will continue to work toward helping others with this disease.  Thank you for believing in our goal and for always remembering Keith as the incredible, selfless human being that he was.

Keith provided so many of us with valuable lessons during his four years of treatment. The most important lesson is that we must never give up on finding better treatment options and always believe that one day, we will find a cure.  While he will not be living here on earth to witness this, there are so many more people being diagnosed every single day with this disease.  The Appendix Cancer / Pseudomyxoma Peritonei Research Foundation (ACPMP) is committed to using these donations with 100% transparency.

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