Forever Flowers, Carol

Carol Reinhardt and her family are spreading awareness all over the globe through their beautiful Forever Flowers. They have raised over $36,000 for Appendix Cancer/PMP Research, and are posting available flowers weekly. Click here to check out their amazing story!

“My Mother has created her very own inspiration of creating “Forever Flowers” as a way to not only shed light into everyones’ lives, but donate the profits 100% to ACPMP. Each “Forever Flower” is handpicked, created, and engraved by Carol herself as a way to spread the love and awareness all around.” Liz Reinhardt (Carol’s daughter)

These flowers are now available to be shipped all over the US! Check out the Forever Flowers for Carol Facebook Group for photos of available flowers.

ABC7 Footage:

You Tube Videos:
Forever Flowers Carol Production Video
Forever Flowers Carol Holiday Video

Please help us raise awareness and find a cure for Appendix Cancer/PMP by purchasing your own Forever Flower now. All donations are tax deductible through the ACPMP Research Foundation.

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Click here for available flowers