ACMP Fundraiser with Liz Ames, One Hope & Beautycounter

Elizabeth Ames and Team We Got This want to give people the opportunity to buy things that they like — clean beauty products and wine — while fundraising for ACPMP!

Elizabeth has joined up with OneHope Wine and Beauty Counter and a percentage (20% and 25% respectively) of your purchase will go directly to ACPMP! She has created a facebook group to promote this fundraiser. Over the next couple of weeks, she will have prizes, talk about how she removed chemicals from household products, foods, and beauty products while battling cancer, talk about the various wines offered, and more!

If you want to just buy products for a good cause or donate directly, you can do that too! Below are the links. Thank you!
Check out this video with Elizabeth Ames and Lauren Smith, our Communications and Development Manager. They openly chat about why Elizabeth supports ACPMP and Lauren shares some background info about our organization and mission!