Midwest PMP/Appendix Cancer Symposium

Our first ever Midwest United States symposium was held at Edward Hospital in Naperville (Chicago) on October 6th. Hosted by Dr. George Salti and with a faculty to include Dr. Paul Sugarbaker and many other wonderful presenters. Thank you to all who participated, and congratulations to Dr. Sugarbaker, the inaugural recipient of the Lisa Luciano Memorial PMP/Appendix Cancer Pioneer Award, presented by the PMP Research Foundation at the Symposium.

You can watch the videos by PMPRF below:

Dr. Paul Sugarbaker at Midwest PMP/Appendix Cancer Symposium
Alexander Hantel, MD: HIPEC from the Oncologist’s Perspective “Who is appropriate and Why”
George Salti, MD, FACS: HIPEC for Life
Linda Conlin, LCSW: Psychosocial Program/Patient Resources
Allan Hagar, MD: The role of CT and MR in the assessment of Peritoneal Disease
Danielle Liss: Patient Experience