August Appendix Cancer Awareness Month Recap


Today marks the first day of September which is bittersweet, as our first ever dedicated awareness month of August has officially come to a close. While the month of August has ended, please remember that awareness can and should be all year long!

Appendix cancer is a rare cancer but it deserves recognition, funding, and research so that our patients have better diagnosis, more treatment options, more referrals to specialists, and one day hopefully a cure… Please continue to spread the word about the Appendix Cancer Pseudomyxoma Peritonei (ACPMP) Research Foundation’s important mission, share facts about appendix cancer/PMP, and share your stories!

Awareness is key.Throughout the month of August, the ACPMP Research Foundation shared graphics with facts about appendix cancer/PMP, shared multiple patient stories, and posted about different events and happenings that occurred over the month!


The following institutions and organizations recognized appendix cancer awareness month:

  • UMass Memorial Health Cancer Center in Worcester, MA
  • UPMC Hillman Cancer Center in Pittsburgh, PA
  • Weill Cornell Meicine Meyer Cancer Center in New York, NY
  • Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center in Philadelphia, PA
  • Cancer Rehab and Integrative Medicine in Austin, TX
  • Michigan Society of Hematology and Oncology in Troy, MI
  • North Bay Cancer Alliance in Santa Rosa, CA
  • Indian Network for Development of Peritoneal Surface Oncology (INDESPO) in India
  • Mahatma Gandhi Cancer Hospital and Research Institute in Vishakhapatnam, India
  • International Cancer Institute in Eldoret, Kenya
  • The National Cancer Institute
  • Biologics by McKesson
  • American Society of Surgical Oncology
  • PMP Pals
  • Pseudomyxoma Survivor


The following landmarks were lit up amber for appendix cancer awareness month:
  • Zakim Bridge – Boston, MA
  • Longfellow Bridge – Boston, MA
  • Fore River Bridge – Quincy/Weymouth, MA
  • Burns Bridge – Worcester, MA
  • I-35W – Minneapolis, MN
  • Lowry Ave Bridge – Minneapolis, MN
  • The Wells Fargo’s Duke Energy Center – Charlotte, NC


August Appendix Cancer Awareness Month Recap - ACPMP August Appendix Cancer Awareness Month Recap - ACPMP 1 August Appendix Cancer Awareness Month Recap - ACPMP 2 August Appendix Cancer Awareness Month Recap - ACPMP 3 August Appendix Cancer Awareness Month Recap - ACPMP 4 August Appendix Cancer Awareness Month Recap - ACPMP 5 August Appendix Cancer Awareness Month Recap - ACPMP 6


Over the month of August:

Our hope for future awareness months is to light more landmarks, businesses and health care institutes amber across the US – turning August amber for appendix cancer. We also hope to request state wide proclamations for next year and invite more patients and caregivers to share their inspiring stories. This was only the first year, so we are very excited about the success and can’t wait to see what next year brings for our awareness month!

September 30, 2021 is also Rare Cancer Day. So mark your calendars and keep the awareness, education and advocacy going!