Additional Step Forward for Genomic Sequencing

In another promising development for cancer patients, Foundation Medicine announced this week that it has partnered with Epic to integrate Foundation’s genomic sequencing program with Epic’s electronic medical record (EMR) system. This collaboration represents an exciting step for AC/PMP and other cancer patients by facilitating physicians’ capability of ordering, receiving, and reviewing results of the genomic sequencing of a patient’s tumor directly in the EMR system. Genomic sequencing is a cutting-edge tool that allows a patient’s medical team to identify and recommend targeted therapies to a patient based on his or her specific tumor characteristics. Foundation Medicine is a premier provider of comprehensive genomic profiling of a patient’s tumor. Epic’s EMR system is widely used by U.S. healthcare providers, reportedly storing the medical records of nearly half of the U.S. population. The integration between Foundation Medicine and Epic is anticipated to be available next year. Foundation Medicine has also reported that it expects to partner with health systems using other EMR systems going forward.

The press release issued by Foundation One discussing its collaboration with Epic and how it is expected to streamline access to personalized care medicine can be found here: