Lighting Cities Amber For Appendix Cancer

Lighting Cities Amber For Appendix Cancer  - ACPMP Lighting Cities Amber For Appendix Cancer  - ACPMP 1

ACPMP is thrilled to announce that SUNDAY, August 15th, multiple bridges in Boston, Massachusetts and Minneapolis, Minnesota will be lit up in AMBER for Appendix Cancer Awareness Month!

Boston, Massachusetts

  • Zakim Bridge – Boston, MA
  • Longfellow Bridge – Boston, MA
  • Fore River Bridge – Quincy/Weymouth, MA
  • Burns Bridge – Worcester, MA

Minneapolis, Minnesota

  • I-35W – Minneapolis, MN
  • Lowry Ave Bridge – Minneapolis, MN
Lighting up amber on WEDNESDAY, August 25th:
Charlotte, North Carolina
This is an amazing feat for ACPMP’s 1st appendix cancer awareness month! Let Boston, Minneapolis and Charlotte be the beacon, with the hope that more cities light up amber in years to come…
If you’re local, or out and about and see the amber lights, please think of our rare community and spread the word! More awareness equals better diagnosis, treatment, referrals to specialized centers and hopefully one day a CURE for our patients.

And if you take a photo, please tag us, use the hashtag below, or email it to!