Susan Ortega began volunteering with the ACPMP Research Foundation 10 years ago this Spring. Susan currently serves on ACPMP’s Board of Directors as Secretary and is also the IT Director with our volunteer staff.

Susan was diagnosed with appendix cancer in 2009. Following a successful CRS/HIPEC surgery, six months later she wanted to get involved with ACPMP. She wanted to help raise awareness, educate others, and use her IT skills to help further the organization’s goals. Susan’s ACPMP volunteer journey officially kicked off in 2010, and now a decade later, it has become a role she cherishes very much.

Susan’s energy, passion, attention to detail and dedication shines through her multiple titles, wearing many hats as she assists ACPMP daily. Susan works with patients and their families, many of whom are often facing difficult situations following a recent diagnosis or the passing of a loved one; assisting them with creating individualized websites to either fundraise or honor a family member’s memory.

Susan is extremely responsive to not only the needs of patients and their families, sending updated spreadsheets and answers to questions, but she is always one step ahead with her desire to improve and strengthen ACPMP.  In advocating for a rare patient population, technology is vital in nearly every respect. Susan’s foresight and expertise have enabled ACPMP to excel in terms of disseminating information and creating meaningful fundraisers through her tireless work on the ACPMP website, content management database, and online fundraising platform.

Susan, the compassion you show to those we assist is an inspiration to us all. You always treat everyone with so much kindness and you are incredibly responsive to the needs of those you interact with on behalf of ACPMP. Volunteering full-time with ACPMP can be a lot of work at times when also a mother of two teenagers, but Susan makes it look easy.


Susan, you are always helping others wherever needed, and it is so appreciated. Your volunteer work makes such a difference in the lives of our patients and their families, and we are very grateful to have you on our team. Thank you for the past 10 years of your dedicated service and volunteer work and for sharing your time and talents with us. We hope you know that your work and efforts never go unnoticed.


Thank you, Susan!