Lauren’s Sky Dive

Lauren Teasdale of South Yorkshire, England, would have done anything to find a cure for her mum, Karen.  So she took on the task of doing a sponsored Sky Dive on July 13, 2017.

When her mum was diagnosed, the family could not find much information about appendix cancer / pseudomyxoma. Lauren shares that her mum endured three operations, and several chemo rounds and she underwent cytoreductive surgery and HIPEC at Basingstoke, one of two specialists centers in the UK where CRS and HIPEC are performed.

Despite treatment, Karen continued to fight the disease for 4 years but sadly, passed away on the 28th of July; shortly after Lauren's sky dive.

Lauren states "I wanted to do the sky dive in order to raise money to find a cure, as not much is known about the cancer, and instead of funds going to cancer research where they research the most common types of cancer, I wanted it to go to the cancer my mum specifically had, as it's a very rare one, thus doesn't get much exposure compared to others."

Karen may have passed, but her legacy lives on through the entreprenurial efforts of her brave daughter, Lauren.