Rick Hack

In Loving Memory of Lloyd Richard Hack “Rick Hack”

Rick HackRick spent 21 years in the US Marine Corps and retired as a Master Sergeant.  The Marine Corps was a lifetime love. The many men and women he served with became an extended family that he will always be grateful for. He had a passion for cars and enjoyed restoring them to their original beautiful selves!! His wife found out shortly after they were married 36 years ago that he loved Harley’s. Many of their fondest moments were viewing the world from a motorcycle.

But, most important to this man was his absolute love for the Lord.  When he was diagnosed with this cancer, he was determined to get his heart right for his maker.  God gave him 3 years to do that, and what a transformation that was. He learned to connect with people thru his love of Christ and made sure that he wanted to see everyone in Heaven! and part of his transformation was learning that his God was one of second chances!  Another love was fishing trips with his grandkiddos, they brought him so much joy and they adored him!

Oh, the stories he could tell about each one of them!!!!

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Rick Hack     Rick Hack