The ACPMP Research Foundation is excited to share that we are now a research partner of the Wake Forest Organoid Research Center (WFORCE). WFORCE is a joint effort between the Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine and the Wake Forest Comprehensive Cancer Center and brings together researchers and clinicians, working side by side, to leverage the use of tissue organoid technology for the benefit of our patients.

WFORCE is the first program of its kind to leverage reconstruction of each patient’s own tumor in the form of 3D patient-specific tumor organoids and apply it translationally, with a goal of informing personalized treatment of cancer, as well as research and development of new therapies.”

The leader of the WFORCE program, ACPMP Medical Advisory Board member, Konstantinos Votanopoulos, MD, PhD, received an ACPMP 2018 research grant for “Immune system enhanced appendiceal cancer organoids for ex vivo determination of immunotherapy efficacy in appendiceal cancer”.

ACPMP is extending our financial investment into this transformative research through the new partnership with WFORCE.

ACPMP is very proud to be a partner of this program at the forefront of research for this disease, from a world leader in clinical care for our patients.

Dr. Votanopoulos described this research at our ACPMP Wake Forest 2019 Symposium – watch the video here!

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