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You can help others by sharing your story! By sharing your story of survival on our website, you too can offer hope for those newly diagnosed as they navigate our website for information.

Our organization exists to help you. With new initiatives in the works, we are working hard to offer hope to appendix cancer / pseudomyxoma peritonei patients and their families.

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Meghan Blomquist

Written by Meghan Blomquist - May, 2020

My name is Meghan Blomquist.  I have many roles and titles; I’m a mother, wife, sister, daughter, aunt, granddaughter, cousin, niece, in-law, friend.  I am a second-grade teacher.  I’m a baseball mom and an avid reader.  A new role, that of cancer patient, came to me very much uninvited and unwanted in 2014.  I’ve tried to accept this role and...

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Kelly Lund

Written by Kelly Lund - February, 2020

My story began in 2014 when I began training for a half marathon. I was training with two personal trainers and some friends and I noticed I was gaining weight. I thought it was weird since I was trying to eat healthy and I was training harder than ever. I began gaining more and more weight. I decided I needed...

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Trisha Spata

Written by Trisha Spata - October, 2019

My story all began when my husband and I went through different types of fertility treatments for over 2 years to try and conceive a baby. We ended with IVF and we were very lucky enough to have two healthy embryos. The first one unfortunately didn’t stick, we were devastated, so we took a break on the entire baby thing...

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Lauren Smith

Written by Lauren Smith - October, 2019

My name is Lauren Smith, I’m 23 years old and I live in Boston, MA. Two years ago, before my senior year at college, I was given the news that nobody ever wants to hear, I was told that I had a rare form of appendix cancer. Cancers and tumors of the appendix are extremely rare, it was once thought...

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Bob Franek

Written by Bob Franek - September, 2019

I began to have health issues the summer of 2016.  I went to the doctor and he decided to do a colonoscopy. I knew something was wrong, but the doctor said he couldn’t find anything.  On my way I went thinking this was all in my head. Over the next six months I would visit the emergency room three times...

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Jenny Malec

Written by Jenny Malec - June, 2019

In 2014, I was diagnosed with Appendix Cancer and Pseudomyxoma Peritonei (ACPMP), a disease characterized by appendiceal tumors that spread and cause a buildup of mucin in the abdominal cavity. I underwent numerous surgeries, medical procedures, immunotherapies and chemotherapy, only to be told in 2017 that I was no longer a candidate for HIPEC surgery. Since that is currently the...

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JoAnn Hertshten

Written by JoAnn Hertshten - March, 2017

It started exactly 2 years ago when I was 64 years old. At some point I had decided that I wanted the be a healthy old person so I have been careful about my diet and have exercised regularly; I had been feeling absolutely fine. One day I started feeling an excruciating pain in my lower right abdomen. I wasn’t...

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David Mason

Written by David Mason - December, 2011

My name is David and I am a Pseudomyxoma Peritonei survivor living in the UK. I was first diagnosed with PMP after my appendix burst in May 2009. I was out shopping with my wife and two daughters when I was taken ill and was rushed to the local hospital. Initially the burst appendix was not diagnosed and I was...

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Laurie Todd

Written by Laurie Todd - October, 2010

Diagnosis I had been feeling exhausted for a year. In November 2004, I went for a complete physical exam. The doctor pronounced me the healthiest person of my age group on the planet. Four months later, I was diagnosed with late-stage ovarian cancer, rushed into surgery, and given months to live. A complete hysterectomy was performed, a soccer-ball-sized tumor removed,...

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