Patient Stories

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JoAnn Hertshten

Written by JoAnn Hertshten - March, 2017

It started exactly 2 years ago when I was 64 years old. At some point I had decided that I wanted the be a healthy old person so I have been careful about my diet and have exercised regularly; I had been feeling absolutely fine. One day I started feeling an excruciating pain in my lower right abdomen. I wasn’t particularly alarmed as I decided it must be appendicitis which I had thought was easily treatable.

David Mason

Written by David Mason - December, 2011

My name is David and I am a Pseudomyxoma Peritonei survivor living in the UK. I was first diagnosed with PMP after my appendix burst in May 2009.

I was out shopping with my wife and two daughters when I was taken ill and was rushed to the local hospital. Initially the burst appendix was not diagnosed and I was sent home! Two days
later and still in a lot of pain and very unwell I was sent back to the hospital where they correctly diagnosed me with peritonitis.

Laurie Todd

Written by Laurie Todd - October, 2010


I had been feeling exhausted for a year. In November 2004, I went for a complete physical exam. The doctor pronounced me the healthiest person of my age group on the planet.

Four months later, I was diagnosed with late-stage ovarian cancer, rushed into surgery, and given months to live. A complete hysterectomy was performed, a soccer-ball-sized tumor removed, much of the omentum removed, part of the colon resected, a few gallons of fluid drained.